The world is spinning so fast when you hold my hand
I am all over your arms. You seem amused by that and I don’t know what to say.
But I told you; I ain’t like in the past, I ain’t the same, I’ve changed.
You turn me inside out, up and down, black to white with no grey in between.
Red is all over my mind. Shoot me down so I can inhale faster.

I can’t explain what you’ve done to me but the only thing I can say is I want you here with me baby.
There are thousands words and I still can’t find the right ones to explain what you’ve done to me.

I know we can be everything we want, anything,
but watch over when you take me deeper and higher.
It’s getting wilder and wilder every time, you’ll see.
You have me like I am crazy and I can’t calm down ‘cause this shit is crazy.

How come I can’t have enough of you? Can somebody explain?
Cause the words I use won't give me a reply. They won’t help me find out till it's the right time.
The two of us, confused. Breathing heavily while we hold each other and kiss on pouring rain.

I am losing my soul since I met you in the most chaotic town.
You can kill me softly on the inside ‘cause you’re taking me really high
but watch out cause I don’t want you to let me down and wake up on the ground.

Don’t pull me out of the game, I want to stay with you.
Don’t pull me ouf of the game; I swear I've changed, I am here for you.

I am losing my mind and you are here watching me going insane while I turn out the lights.
Crawling like an infant trying to find a place to hide myself but you won’t give me one
‘cause you like me when I am free, free of hand.

Retrograde around my body, don’t care, you can do whatever you want
as long as I am the one and only. Slowly goind down.
Retrograde like Mercury all around me; bring the goods I’ll bring the bad.
I have to shapeshift so we don't live the same shit again, I can't.

Cause who knew, who knew we could be together and be perfect?
I can't have enough when you're taking me out of body and time.
I know I have a big ego and insecurities bigger than me but don't leave me.

Don’t run away from me; don’t run away, this is not faked, this is legendary.Don’t run away from me; don’t run away, this is not faked, this is legendary.


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