You can't see what I see, it's a shame cause it's more than you think.
I can't explain how you turn me inside out with one touch.
You mean so much to me, I don't wanna let you leave cause I've done that for awhile and I regret every second of time.

I see you smoking and I am jealous of it, cause I want you to inhale me.
Breathe me, in, is all I ask, so you can carry me with you wherever you are.
You're so smart, your smile makes it real, I can see the world dissolving into light.
You're holding me in the palm of your hand, so tight, not even a grain of sand can escape from that.

Perhaps you've never been so attached, attached to somebody outside.
They call you obnoxious but all I see is a mindfull person.
Tip-toeing in the dark, I want you to retrograde around me like a satellite.
Why are we staying here waiting for an abduction of time?

But with me, I want you to feel like you're crazy,
cause I don't want it to be like an expected moment
when I can have the unexpected with you, all over.

Never though I can match like that, you are like a missing puzzle part in my heart.
I may be blind but I can trust you drive me in the madness of life.
Every touch is like a firework bursting in my body.
Hands to hands against the wall and lips to lips unlocking the paths to you.
My blood boils when I feel your breaths on my neck, touch me.

You can set me on fire, cause you're the one and only who can keep it static so I won't get burned.
I wish I could show you my heart beating cause I sometimes think straight but I don't want to.
I may talk and talk but I want you to believe and turn me inside out with a word.

What are you waiting?
Follow me.


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