🌊 Blues 🌊

Scene I, Part I
 Walking around the fields.

- How does it feel? How, how does? I, I can't understand.
- What do you mean? I, I feel like you're talking- I don't wanna know.
- The fight you give, the fight you give into the storm of emotions.
- It's just ah, just like an earthquake in a storm, the skies are blue and then they turn black. The atmosphere is electrified and I can't walk away from this. I took the long shot and I fell down.

Scene II, Part II
 You will never start over again.

- I am crawling back for more, I have been a slave to this feeling of devotion. It devours me every-day inch by inch. It's a chaotic wave of pain that's coming over me and it's taking over me. I can't, I can't explain it.
- So, you think you are trapped inside circles? Inside a circle of pain?
- Yeah, this is what's like... This is what happens when, when..

- I feel sorry but I can't make up my mind for you, I can't help you anymore. You need, you need to under- no you need to appreciate what you have now.
- It's been 10 years of this. An eruption of the techtonic plates. A drift from the ocean.
- I. No, it's, it's fine

Scene III, III
 We are our own devils

- Have you ever wonder why this happens? Why this feeling of, of, why you have the blues all the time?
- It's like missing someone so much and you're drowning into a lake, you can't even react, you're underwater and you're breathing, you see the world around you collapsing and you're aiming for the bottom. Then there is that day where you're swimming back home, in a way you never did before, you found that secret door.
- So, you admit it's your choice to be like this. You want to be content and imperfect.

- It's not what you think. I feel this, the whole thing, is everywhere, around me, inside me, it's a part of me. I can't.
- I can't understand you.
- Look, I feel it in my hands, in my eyelids and in my heart, it's everywhere, my own devils are reconciling with my mind and I am half into the happiness and then I am not anymore, I am out.
- But, but you think we need to go through this to be, to be..
- We create our own devils.


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