sunday showers

- i heard you talking in your sleep
- what? i mean, what i was talking about?
- i couldnt understand, it was more about you and the way you struggle with the things
- why you didnt wake me  up?
- i, i
- you let me suffer? you wanted to see if i will say something bad? something bad 'bout you?
- no, i just, i didnt know what to do, it was like a battle between yourselve and your own demons
- it was actually.
- what do you mean?
- i dreamt of
- what? would you tell me?
- i dreamt of me, in the eye of a huriccance, naked, all alone, the drops of the rain were touching my body and were travelling from my neck to my back and to my feet, through my eyes, my chest. I was alone, in despair, i was trying to move but i couldnt, then i was feeling all the electrified atmosphere and then i couldnt feel a thing. it was a turn on/off relationship between me and the nature, like the demons wanted to take over me but i didnt want to let them make me suffer again, i was trying hard but then the showers were so painful then the place was full of fog, the scene was horrendous, it was making me think that after the storm comes the rainbow but for me no, after the storm comes the fog, the unknown, the feeling of everything being destroyed by a massive natural power, an uncontrollable power like dreaming.

- i think i heard you were talking about the air
- the air, i was feeling the air, the ground, the gravity, the smallest sounds, the clouds, the lightings, i was feeling everything and then it came, the big storm, i was trapped inside the circles of the storm, but the weird thing is i survived

- i think you are under pressure
- i, i, haha
- what?
- i think it was because you let me suffer
- i, i didnt
- i know, you didnt know what to do
- haha, you know
- its just like i feel it coming somehow

- the storm?
- no, the storm is going on right now, we are going through the storm right now, all this time we are in center of it but the part after it is starting soon


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