believe me when i say i am tired
believe me when i say i've tried
believe me when i say i want it to over
cause all those clouds are dark and hollow
ain't raining or snowing
they are only carrying the emptiness to show
the nothingness i hold on so much

please don't leave,
i am tired of everyone pushing away their life
when they see the reality i got locked inside
please don't hold,
i am not the one that you should trust on things about life
cause i don't know a thing but to dissolve inside

i am not strong or tough
i am so soft and broken
i am crying all day
cause all those things are so dark and hollow
to carry on my back,
i can't hold on this ship anymore
it's going under and i am there

i am
standing there immobilized
dissolving into the dawn's cries but
you hold my hand and you whisper
-everything's gonna change if you wait just for one more time-
so much to say but i will wait forever for you love cause it's a dream

i don't wanna wake up from this,
i just wanna stay there
down in my lockdown
where i feel save- tonight-
everything seems to be in danger
so i will stay there.

i am waiting for what you said, i am waiting for your whispers in the dawn.
your love.


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