Neon Lights

I broke your heart and I didn't care
I made you cry but I felt like it's okay.
Hushed to vanish before you notice.
But the neon lights betray you in the night.

Too much to handle,
I regret it and I can't control it.
But I am begging you to forget it.
Come back and hold me tight,
let's try it for one last time.
I miss the times you were trying to catch me
under the neon lights like it's the last time.

Hit me with your best shot,
hit me with your best ace.
Make me fall for you,
harder and harder we now go.
Make me recall everything I did to you.
But don't let me go.

I lied to myself when I said "I don't love you" and "I don't want you"
cause deep in me I can't let this love go.
Being bound to a sad life by the disco lights;
shinning just for some cold love.
I had fun some nights but
I was crawling back home alone while
I was feeling every part of you coming alive.

Seeing your face in all the colours,
in all the patterns, in all the storefronts
in all the bodies.
Come back and hold me tight,
let's try it for one last time.
I miss the times we were drinking under the moonlight,
when you were trying to kiss me like it's the last time.

Lost into the smoke; looking for you.
Light me up tonight, I want to feel you.
Be hit by your luminous love.
Let my heart tie you tight
don't want to feel blue anymore.

Hit me harder with your electricity,
electrify me more, make me explode.
Replace the time we lost.
Let me be electrified like a neon-light.
Don't let me go cause I won't.


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