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Into the Wild

Pink champagne on the floor,
all my memories have gone wild.
I put the puzzle pieces next to each other,
trying to solve the mystery;
why do you keep coming back to me?

Couldn't tell you all the things I wished but
at least you taught me how to laugh.
You made me see all the light within even though
we lived all the years apart
you grew up within me
like a tree and I can't fall without you.

I shake my leaves, waiting for Spring
to bloom all the blossoms I keep.
I shake my leaves, waiting for Winter
to ditch all the darkness I keep.

I've accepted all the mistakes, but I miss you.
God knows what I've been through,
tried to keep the covers up but
I couldn't hold on.

Didn't have the mind to keep my heart on track,
forgive me but I was young;
forgiveness is not enough but I recall all that matters at night.
You made me see the meaning in life,
the meaning of life.

Through me fingers I held your breath,
i felt it when you exhaled it.
You've been waiting but I…