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LND 111114

Why the water is so dark? Under the bridges we spoke all of our misspoken words that we weren't allowed Why the seas are so blue? Under the bridges we dreamt of our future and I've seen it shine – I see it now.
How did we managed to build this same old love like when we were young? Does it have to do with all the bads we've seen in life or Does it have to do with all the ghouls we exorcised?
I feel the humid overcoming us – why are we so apart? Distance is like a trial we have to go through for a last time,
like the ones in the past that were creating a hurricane in our hearts. But now, it's like, silence’s screaming is so loud when I lay my body in the empty room- and the golden light doesn't fall upon us when we speak through lines
Why the water is so dark? I stupidly keep on asking - like you have to know - I just can’t stop with you - you make me smile when I am with you I feel my heart beating so fast like the words that travel through the old telephone lin…