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Should Have Known Better

From the balcony I was looking at you -
and I planned in my mind all the things we could be.
Like an Olympian God that machinates against all the odds.

It felt so reviving that you caught me by surprise.
I hid under the sheet to cover my face, 'cause
I was embarrassed that if you look me in the eyes
 you'll see the secret of Eden I held so tight.

Please, I said, come with me.
Let's ride and get in town.
I need to learn a few things about you,
I do need to get to know you more.

Why do we pretend we are strangers when we share a life?
You know I can't stop wandering around your body
while you sleep in my bed.
So calm and peaceful you were, it was glamorizing.

And you are able to solve the equations I can't even think about.
I am still making a fool out of you cause I can't understand...

I looked at you through the rear view.
You held the papers so tight
I could feel the warmth between your fingers.
I wished I could be held in there
and feel the love you could gi…

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