Swim (Back Home)

Swimming back home never felt so satisfying.
Feeling the lights hitting into me and lighting me up.
Guess I couldn't imagine I would break from your lies.
Guess I couldn't imagine I would escape from your  arms.

But, I am open and ready to dive into the blue ocean.
In an ecstatic need to wash off the skin I wear.
I can't tell how much I felt the lies creeping under it.
Really, who taught you to garnish the truth with lying nouns?

Diving into the blue.
I feel the water touching my soul.
Every inch of my body is floating.
I can't swim back to the past, but
I can swim back home if you let go.

And I am open and ready to love, are you?
I wish I could make up your soul, but it seems
the love I have can only heal what's already fine.
Like salt I lay into your mouth, but I can forgo it all if you dive with me into the blue.

Swimming back home never felt so satisfying.
Shinning like gold - no one can touch my burning soul.
I came back after hitting bottom.
I came back like…

The Bluest Thing On Earth Is Me

Part I
A symphony echoes in me.
An orchestra in the ballroom violently plays,
and the violins are screaming
and the trumpets can be heard around the world.

Part II
How could you let us all?
How could you let me go?
Where was the 'I will never let go'?
You let me go, down.

Part III
Deep in my heart, there's no rightful place anymore.
It became another cave full of crystallites.
My spirit is yet to be found there.
I hate everyone and I love only you.

Part IV
Time forms another hour for me.
Even the nature wants me to feel every bit of sorrow.
How could I undo what came undone?
The skin can't stand the change in your eyes.

Part V
Illusions are being kept at the end of the rope.
I hold you all in my palms, but
you want me to drop all the love I seamed on the threads.

Part VI
I could never imagine such pain.
No lakes can fit the water that drowns me.
No oceans can take away the ship you wrecked.

Part VII
Although I feel like tomorrow will never come,
I see the sun rising behind t…


All my life I've spend the hours,
I've spend the days to make you whole.
I listened and condemned,
but I am tired by all the noise you create.
Who said I can't escape your voices in my head?

I don't have the time
to save another life.
I need to make up mine,
so farewell to your lies.

That's not the right place.
That's not the right time.
That's not the right person
to ask for one more chance.

I don't have any willingness to fight
to save your life
I don't want to make up time just
to hear how you could have made it right.

Wish I could fix you.
But I can't.
Like tides we come and go.
But I hated and I loved.
Wish I could take you higher.
But I can't get you off the ground.
Like tides we exist and disappear.
Awakening from this dream I dream.

I don't have the right time
- and -
I don't want to make it up.
Cause I need to fix my life,
before I fix yours -
give me time to carry on.

Give it All, Take it All Back.

When we were in love you didn't ask for much,
pleasing was coming so easily when you asked.
I think you are hurting.
Oh, I am sure you are hurting baby.
I can see your halo fading, but, why?
What happened baby?

It was life, wasn't it?
It was too much to handle.
Stop crying.

Walking in threads never scared you, but
things have changed and I see you hiding.
Avoiding to walk in empty roads, oh fuck.
Oh baby,
I can feel your pain in my skin,
it's haunting me.

It was the Devil, wasn't it?
Don't let him catch you,
you are not that stable.

Does it have to do with the changing facts?
Does it have to do with the immune lies?
Does it have to do with the growing part?
Does it have to do with the dissatisfaction of life?

I sense everything and I sense nothing.
So give me all you can give,
take back all that you gave.
Don't bother to ask, I'm so used to that feeling.

Words were never enough, so please
hit me as much as you can.
Touches were never enough, so please

Why to care about the beginning when we try to escape the end?

It took God seven days to create Earth, but
it took you a moment to make me fall.
It was so hot and soft, so blue and beautiful,
it had a taste from both the Hell and Heaven.

And then the oceans shrouded in darkness.
And I got caught in your eyes
like a fly gets trapped in a spider's web.

What if God spent seven days to create Earth,
it only took us a moment to create Hell.
And we danced on the edge of the world.
And we played our favorite songs while silent on the road.
And we drove to the city's suburbs watching our lives taking a turn.
Why to care about the beginning
when we try to escape the end?

And then there was dark instead of light.
And you got hypnotized by my lips like a flower fools a butterfly's attention.

There's something in the atmosphere, electrical feelings.
And a summer might not bring the birds back, but
a winter might bring the old flame back.
Praying to find the power within cause without you I am half.

Inside Me (Unimaginative)

I had to stop and take a breath,
I had to comprehend that's it's not about me.
They say there's always a light at the very end of the tunnel.
I couldn't reach mine 'cause I was hurting, hurting too much to try.

A roll of the dice changed how we feel,
who would have thought that a life of love
will be shallowed by all these hoaxes.

Had to realize the hard way that life ain't fair,
I am not that wise to know all the answers to the whys
but all I know is that I should have kept you tighter that time.

Another fail in the bucket list,
but how am I supposed to learn if I don't fail?
Some believe it's too cliché to live this way,
but who can speak for me if I can't do it?

I had to stop and think over the things we did.
I don't seem to understand where we missed it.
They say life gets in the way for things we don't lust a lot.
I couldn't save time 'cause I was tying to save you, save you from what I caused.

Forced to stand on my own two fee…

I Can't Understand (the Oceans)

I woke up with the blues on the last Sunday of May.
I drunk some instant coffee.
I felt like the sun never rose and then I felt the cold wind
coming through me like your ghost when I sleep.

I lay on my bed again,
under the covers I get.
I try to undercover all the wounds
I have gotten from this love,
but I miss you much and I can't find the right words to say.

I can't find a way for us
to work nicely
when we are apart
it hurts so much
to be apart
the distance sucks
the clocks go back
I need you so much.
I love you so much.
I will wait for you.

There is something about me and you baby.
Aren't we supposed to be here together after three years of breaking hearts on the floor?
We tried to work out everything perfectly,
but fortune does not allow us to make plans.
Every time we say we are going to make it, something new comes up
and we crawl back to where we were and where we begun.
Disappointed but not surprised.
Oh God, why? I don't understand why things don't stay s…