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Oh, mother.

Dear mother,

it's been a long time and I miss you,
there are parts of me you never knew,
but what's the point in this cruel world
if we don't trust each other and be free?

I speak out my mind,
tonight I am crazy,
tomorrow I will be nothing.
I've been on drugs,
I've been on alcohol and I couldn't find the answer to the whys
but I know a place where I can comfort and find the truth,
in the island of your embrace.

Dear mother,

the sweet things we were talking about,
I'm gone now in the dark sides of myself,
I need your island to my life,
I need a shore to anchor my weary life.

Dear mother,

I can't tell you my secret,
not that I am afraid but I'm keeping you safe,
I'm keeping you safe in my heart shapped locket,
I let you to remember the child I was.
I love you but I've been mad for a long time,
I sink the islands and I have nothing but yours.


Under  the red moon
I will lay with you babe.

The white sheets I have
I wish I could fill them with love.

Under the red moon
I am asking you to believe the lie.

I can't see no way,
I can't see no other way to love,
all the paths are leading to the one I have.

I can't see no way,
I can't see no other way to love,
all the paths are leaing to the one I lost.

Under the red moon,
I will wash my sins away.
Under the red moon,
I will drink a whole bottle.

In my crystalised world,
full of monsters and gods
I will lay seeing them reflecting
the beauty of red moon's light.

I can't see no way,
I can't see no other way.
All the paths are leading to me and you but I leave.

Under the red moon
I see the real me
I have created.

Swinging under the moonlight,
wearing a red tie.
A chaotic life is what I asked
the last time I met you.

In the valleys of sadness
I got lost.
I guess I never felt being a child,
but your love is the same when I look in the red moon tonight.

Oh, baby, I am in love with the stars.

Last Chapter. New One now.

I crave for a perfect life and when I finally have it
I destroy it.
I am this kind of perfectionist that kills his own self and it kills me.

I cry a lot in the night,
I smile when I try to sleep.
i scream because I can't find peace inside me,
I break into the dark sides of me,
looking for the boy that was trying to be happy with who he was.

Why people change?
I don't feel like this and I am hiding inside me.
I don't feel right by saying goodbye.

A last kiss,
a last embrace,
a last song to be played
a last look in the eyes,
a last touch,
a last time with you,
a last goodbye
and then, ouch, I have lost myself again.

Over and over trying again to bring the pieces together,
I've been there and done that many times
but this time I am so tired to stand in my own two feet.
I am small.