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All my life I've spend the hours,
I've spend the days to make you whole.
I listened and condemned,
but I am tired by all the noise you create.
Who said I can't escape your voices in my head?

I don't have the time
to save another life.
I need to make up mine,
so farewell to your lies.

That's not the right place.
That's not the right time.
That's not the right person
to ask for one more chance.

I don't have any willingness to fight
to save your life
I don't want to make up time just
to hear how you could have made it right.

Wish I could fix you.
But I can't.
Like tides we come and go.
But I hated and I loved.
Wish I could take you higher.
But I can't get you off the ground.
Like tides we exist and disappear.
Awakening from this dream I dream.

I don't have the right time
- and -
I don't want to make it up.
Cause I need to fix my life,
before I fix yours -
give me time to carry on.

Give it All, Take it All Back.

When we were in love you didn't ask for much,
pleasing was coming so easily when you asked.
I think you are hurting.
Oh, I am sure you are hurting baby.
I can see your halo fading, but, why?
What happened baby?

It was life, wasn't it?
It was too much to handle.
Stop crying.

Walking in threads never scared you, but
things have changed and I see you hiding.
Avoiding to walk in empty roads, oh fuck.
Oh baby,
I can feel your pain in my skin,
it's haunting me.

It was the Devil, wasn't it?
Don't let him catch you,
you are not that stable.

Does it have to do with the changing facts?
Does it have to do with the immune lies?
Does it have to do with the growing part?
Does it have to do with the dissatisfaction of life?

I sense everything and I sense nothing.
So give me all you can give,
take back all that you gave.
Don't bother to ask, I'm so used to that feeling.

Words were never enough, so please
hit me as much as you can.
Touches were never enough, so please