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Buy love/I had to tell so many prayers

We cannot make it alone - but together - we can do anything.
I reached the bottom and I traded love for anything
- buy my heart - buy me eyes - they have a price.
It wasn't silly thoughts in the middle of the night - but - you fools you can't understand how badly I suffered 15 years from no-love.
Asked myself; should I take off my glasses? Should I see the real world? It's painful living without love. Still it's not a real world
Still it's not a real world
Still it's not a real world
Still it's not a real world
Still it's not a real world
I was looking for a home where my missing puzzle piece would fit but I couldn't realise - understand - I was looking for a thrill -
since people couldn't understand me, but far from home I've seen  that home is where you are and you feel free from white lies. No noise of what you feel.
I told them I can make it alone - I thought -
but I knew deep down that I cannot. I was in need for love but I was so rebel …

I Heard You Talking In Your Sleep

I heard you:

There are whispers in your room and the windows shut their blinders too, but for how long?
But then I thought, don't you know that whispers are heard only the wicked ones?
I bet I thought I could tear the walls and open the door, but it took me by surprise - I sat down and tried to grow up and realise.

And may my heart is keep me wicked, but I could stay out and wait for a sound -
cause in the past; I creped to the walls for some light and to the doors' knob for a sweet lie.
I tried to kill them all and look through the key hole but I couldn't fit without Alice's pills.
No visual imagery has been seen -

You talking:

Then they screamed to my baby;
how much longer can you wait and listen to this madness?
You are about to lose your mind too - darling, darling,
you can't keep on watching him leaning on the door without pushing it and open it.
Don't you listen the silence echoing inside? But you don't reply;

How can you heard someone from a lock-down…