I Heard You Talking In Your Sleep

I heard you:

There are whispers in your room and the windows shut their blinders too, but for how long?
But then I thought, don't you know that whispers are heard only the wicked ones?
I bet I thought I could tear the walls and open the door, but it took me by surprise - I sat down and tried to grow up and realise.

And may my heart is keep me wicked, but I could stay out and wait for a sound -
cause in the past; I creped to the walls for some light and to the doors' knob for a sweet lie.
I tried to kill them all and look through the key hole but I couldn't fit without Alice's pills.
No visual imagery has been seen -

You talking:

Then they screamed to my baby;
how much longer can you wait and listen to this madness?
You are about to lose your mind too - darling, darling,
you can't keep on watching him leaning on the door without pushing it and open it.
Don't you listen the silence echoing inside? But you don't reply;

How can you heard someone from a lock-down? - its keeping on -
I heard you are talking in your sleep, but I have also seen the lights turning blue;
which one is with you?
Don't you know that whispers are heard only by the lunar ones?
I know - honey - I know that you want to stop holding on and that's why
I reasoned every action, every feeling and every battle-field but I don't know in which side I am in

In your sleep:

Pure feeling, confusion, oh honey - honey, pure feelings by rich minds are always there.
Don't be bothered to open the closed doors cause you already know what's behind - it's better -
it's a look from the window so you won't have body-contact and get hurt.

It's either someone else or...

Who's in control? Who's playing who?
Who's in for a ride? Who's playing the cold hearted one?
I heard you talking to them and leaving me apart, how come I though you were talking in your sleep?
Why don't let them go? Let them disappear in the echo and last in their own presence.
Why don't  you let them go? You created them with body and bones and they knock you down.
You can't cease a 20 year fire with a tide's rise - it's too fast - the water is coming out too fast -
-the water from the windows coming too fast out -
Too fast for freedom. Too fast for freedom.

Don't be afraid to break the windows of door-less rooms-
the usually hide your weakest fears that need to be exorcised.


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