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I believed i could fly but i never noticed that my wings are only seen by my eyes,
i believed i could live in a world where i can stand alone in  this tough road
I believed i could be anything that i want but i never wanted to change for you.

the tides are changing, the time slips away
my ego is killing it and i can't breathe without you,
all this time the problem was me but i couldn't believe that
i couldn't resist to the other side that was calling me.

the heart beats so fast, it feels so much, it hurts and i can't
i wish the things weren't like that, weren't that hard
but the heart feels so much, it can't stop now,
it's too late to turn it down, too late to turn it inside out

and there's no dreams to blame, no fire to play
no tears to swipe this sadness i got inside
it's been too late to cover the pain
it's been so fake to feel again this way

the heart can't sleep, it always stays here, it always blames the things that can't say

Blues^ Scene 239/85-95

Scene 239/85-95
*a boy is sitting on the road, talking on the phone/ the streets are empty, the lighting is low, almost turned off. the boy is wearing black clothing and he is sad.

- I've been holding so tight my phone because I've been waiting for your call
- don't blame me, it's not my fault
- i wish I could call you but I can't
- i do that, everyday
- but I am not fine, my demons are fighting
- but I can't fill that void inside you
- whispers " I wish you could "
- hello? Are you still there?
- yeah.
- why do you do that to me?
- what do I do?
- it's not fair, you are not fair towards me
- life is not fair
- but it's not my fault
- i though that you could just save me but no one can save me but myself
- do you mean that I am not helping you?
- i mean that I am always alone- no one is really there, physically- here to help me.
- i told you to stay
- i am not that selfish to keep you here- away from what you love and what you need. This is lo…