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believe me when i say i am tired
believe me when i say i've tried
believe me when i say i want it to over
cause all those clouds are dark and hollow
ain't raining or snowing
they are only carrying the emptiness to show
the nothingness i hold on so much

please don't leave,
i am tired of everyone pushing away their life
when they see the reality i got locked inside
please don't hold,
i am not the one that you should trust on things about life
cause i don't know a thing but to dissolve inside

i am not strong or tough
i am so soft and broken
i am crying all day
cause all those things are so dark and hollow
to carry on my back,
i can't hold on this ship anymore
it's going under and i am there

i am
standing there immobilized
dissolving into the dawn's cries but
you hold my hand and you whisper
-everything's gonna change if you wait just for one more time-
so much to say but i will wait forever for you love cause it's a dream

i don't wanna wake up…

The connector I

The mind:
praying underneath the bridges that i have burned in one night
nothing's left to hold me back so i break into the sunlight
i can't see it from here and it can't see me too.

it hides into the ocean creating an orange shadow

swimming home it can't be that hard
but if it's late the sun is an old stone now.

The connector:
the tears are so salty, you can't taste them
the tears are so salty, you can't hold them

it's so hard to be between two bodies,

one so strong and armed
the other so soft and smooth.

the thoughts are so weightless, you can hold them
the thoughts are so heavy, you are going under

The heart:
praying underneath the bridges that i have burned in one night everything's holding me by my teeth, so i turned into a hollow dream
you can't daydream here, you can't daydream within.

it creeps underneath the clouds
driving back home it can't be that hard
but if i take down every inch of this city, can i be forgiven at last?

The connector:
the hear…

Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds,
hospital beds full of sorrow and pain.
Hospital beds,
hospital beds full of madness and hate.

Lay me on the side where i can see outside,
inside those walls, my mind is trapped, between those lies.
My hospital beds are changing from time to time,
they get softer or harder,
brighter or darker,
but they still got that smell of hospital beds.

And if my feet don't touch the floor
i will try to close the door.
Perhaps, i know, i won't as those hospital beds,
like prison, they lock me and hold me.

Hospital Beds,
hospital beds full of sadness and cries.
Hospital beds,
hospital beds full of elders and toddlers.

And if i am against the wall by those pills,
i will try to look pretty.
Maybe, i know, i won't last till the last one,
maybe, i know, it went too far with changing hospital beds.

Hospital beds,
hospital beds so empty and loveless.
Hospital beds,
hospital beds full of nothingness at all.

And i remember when i first came here,
the skin was light and pretty,

Gods II

It doesn't matter if you're ready to trigger your guns, it has been known that you can't kill if you aren't loved. Suffering for this relief has made grief so smooth to sleep with it, all alone in the cutting hill of hope, where we all have been. Screaming noises we couldn't understand.
And if she had her guns triggered like Artemis had her arc, she was just wondering between the forests to save her life. And if she had her love triggered like Aphrodite had her heart, she was just wondering between the palaces longing her lust.
All that left is pain from the burned hills, and it is running deep in me as you give me away. In the heart of the river I flow like you did.
The skies turn from blue to black  as you gave away all your love,
there is not fortress that you could have kept it
so you gave in to the damage than holding on.

And if you had your guns ready to fire, you didn't have the pride,
the pride to walk the life of sanity to insanity.
And if you had you…