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Pure Heroin



Honey, all I'd like to do is party with my baby,
under the sunny sky.
In the golden sand.
Without the fear of losing.

No one can take me away.
I'll give you what you want.
An expenssive moon and a crazy life.

I drove away and now I'm coming back stronger
to own your heart.

Don't care about the past,
care about the will,
so come on
come on
let's ride to this beautiful sunshine.
We ain't need to escape from this wild life.

I sing all the time the song you like
and you smile, smile, smile
come on to me.
And when you teach me how to live
all I'd like to do is party with you, my baby.

Fear nothing ain't the will cause
you'll be here.

Dive into me.
Reach my heart,
hold me in the palm of your hand.
Don't leave now.
Kill and Run
Run into our beautiful sunset.
The dark skies.

Let the birds sing you their songs
as you're going under the dome of love.

Desire me, erotique?

She said ; Baby can you touch me?
In an erotique way, I want  to feel your fingers into me.
I'd like to see my body flounce.
He looked her into her light blue eyes,
She was craving for pain,
He brought chains and whips.

He tied up her by the metal bed and started hitting her without stopping.
She was screaming for more and more.
He tore her clothes apart and started licking her body.
She said ; Bite me, I wanna squeeze you.
His fingers were touching her neck.
He was trembling.