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Do you ever ask yourself if you feel alright? Do you ever feel the silence tearing your walls down?
Do you ever need your voice to fade like you said goodbye? I worry a lot.
What if, I am wasting my years? What if, I am wasting my time? I keep on reminiscing the old times.
Who's living a life in the same line with me? Is it just me or is it a dream? They say "I don't know who you are now", but they never asked to learn.
I become tired, easily. Does it matter?
The lust overcomes the skin I wear, becomes something to have; someone to own, someone to love, someone to care, someone to worry about; anything to cover the absenceness in time.
I cross a line to a meaningful life; does it matter if i am mirroring the egocentric love to you? I don't know who I became between the phone-calls. I got tangled in the telephone wires. I suffocate in this chaotic atmosphere.  I worry a lot about the things I don't know.
What if, I am wasting my human substance? What if, I co…


I might regret all the things I said,
but I feel weightless tonight.
I can't be afraid of speaking my mind,
but I know I shoulda feel something at times.

The white flags turned out to be red,
now the air's thicker and I suffocate.
I might feel lonely tonight,
but I am smart enough to trick my mind.

If I want to let go, the way out is not that long.
I can't change who I am
cause I will become who I am not.

It's better to live a loveless life than a lie,
but it's in me and I can't be treated like your enemy.
I only take responsibility for my words.

It's time to talk about the things I love.
It's time to talk about the things that are right and wrong.
It's time to grow my roots old.

The white flags won't wave for a long time,
now the atmosphere is cold I can't revolve.
I might feel lonely tonight,
but I need to be solely owned by my mind.

If you want to stay, then stop fighting over who I am not.
I can't change who I am  cause I will becom…