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Lost Stars

You bought the sky, exclusively made it yours;
owning it like you owned your life till the end.
You chose the best seat, watching over me;
shining some light when I feel lost within.

Words are not enough when it comes to goodbyes,
and I didn't even have the chance to say it aloud.
But you are always going to be mine,
the brightest star shining upon me.

In the name of lights I am still, waiting for a call;
but there are no codes to the universe's hacks.
Patiently waiting for a divine sign;
I look at the sky trying to find you but even if I did
I wouldn't be able to own you;
we have grown apart.

Oh, it's hard to own you but
oh, it's harder to own me.
Time is between us.
We are born to die alone; solipsistic love to sow the seeds of what we become.

You always said "it's not gonna change much" but it actually changed a lot.
It's what you became,
It's who I am now.
It's what I became.
It's who you are now.
It's what we are.
It's wh…

Neon Lights

I broke your heart and I didn't care
I made you cry but I felt like it's okay.
Hushed to vanish before you notice.
But the neon lights betray you in the night.

Too much to handle,
I regret it and I can't control it.
But I am begging you to forget it.
Come back and hold me tight,
let's try it for one last time.
I miss the times you were trying to catch me
under the neon lights like it's the last time.

Hit me with your best shot,
hit me with your best ace.
Make me fall for you,
harder and harder we now go.
Make me recall everything I did to you.
But don't let me go.

I lied to myself when I said "I don't love you" and "I don't want you"
cause deep in me I can't let this love go.
Being bound to a sad life by the disco lights;
shinning just for some cold love.
I had fun some nights but
I was crawling back home alone while
I was feeling every part of you coming alive.

Seeing your face in all the colours,
in all the patterns, in all th…


I've been low for a long time.
I was so used to frowning, to crying, to...,
my lips could only form a leer.

Couldn't enjoy the silence, it was so tiring.
Its humming made me so weak I couldn't even walk out of it.
Couldn't rest myself in bed and let the dreams flow in me.
I was wide awake and locked in someone else for someone else.

I still create unflattering plots but I know when to stop.
I might don't hang out with friends a lot and I might lock the door
but I learnt what it means to feel happy after being sickening lonely.

I've been sad, I've been alone
but after all, the sorrow was borrowed.
I am all the way up from this pit of lies.
All the way up.
I don't look down.

Finally, I feel happy and
it's not about the company or the place,
nor about love or hate.
nor about the past or present
it's about the person I was carrying with me.
I am free.

Never thought that I could smile and mean it,
always thought that I was superficially happy.
I sti…


Devoured by the spirits of hell
Devoured by the mania of play
A euphoric pain but expensive
A delusional life full of flowers
They surround me with their thorns
A syncopated sound
A synchronised voice - belting off.

Silence embraces the body
We are all animals learning
Echoic sound plays plainly
Stuck into a plate
Ready to be eaten like a fish
Ethereal timing to be killed.

Don't want to know whether to fall or walk
Don't want to know whether to let go or not
Lights shine bright
Lights dry me high - ah
Just wanted to be seen
Just wanted to be shaken
Only when we were drinking you saw my smile
Only when we were fucking you saw my inner light

Liquor and pink dreams
Bloody pins
All my dreams are lost in the dreamland of lust
A soul without home
A home without land
Nowhere to rest my weary soul
Killed by the red lights of love
Tattooed by the scars of life
I want back my youth and virginity
Selcouth roots.

Compulsive repetition of an act
Compulsive repetition of compulsiveness

Ashes to Bricks

Unconscious space and hollow time;
all i feel is wrong and locked.
Inside a pool of lies i swim and i try.

I try to blame you, I try to blame her
but this is not a way to get through.
I thought I would be better than that
but the words left me scars and memories that burn at night.

It's just the way i felt when i tried to escape,
but there's no escape from life.

Yeah, i see it all.
I see it all now.
You can't make it through
but life ain't fair, it's just not fair
no matter if you think about it twice.

Embrace the pain, the madness and the chaos
if you want to find peace in your mind.
There's no way to cure it once it starts
it will devour you all, from head to toe
if you try to build a wall and put another brick, it'll end you in seconds.

Upside down and you are on the ceiling;
you cry while you sewing the threads of time
you cry while you prepare the weapons for your final fight.
Taking down every-wall that's been built up to protect you.

Think twice…