Lost Stars

You bought the sky, exclusively made it yours;
owning it like you owned your life till the end.
You chose the best seat, watching over me;
shining some light when I feel lost within.

Words are not enough when it comes to goodbyes,
and I didn't even have the chance to say it aloud.
But you are always going to be mine,
the brightest star shining upon me.

In the name of lights I am still, waiting for a call;
but there are no codes to the universe's hacks.
Patiently waiting for a divine sign;
I look at the sky trying to find you but even if I did
I wouldn't be able to own you;
we have grown apart.

Oh, it's hard to own you but
oh, it's harder to own me.
Time is between us.
We are born to die alone; solipsistic love to sow the seeds of what we become.

You always said "it's not gonna change much" but it actually changed a lot.
It's what you became,
It's who I am now.
It's what I became.
It's who you are now.
It's what we are.
It's who we become.

We are lost stars.


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