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Inside Me (Unimaginative)

I had to stop and take a breath,
I had to comprehend that's it's not about me.
They say there's always a light at the very end of the tunnel.
I couldn't reach mine 'cause I was hurting, hurting too much to try.

A roll of the dice changed how we feel,
who would have thought that a life of love
will be shallowed by all these hoaxes.

Had to realize the hard way that life ain't fair,
I am not that wise to know all the answers to the whys
but all I know is that I should have kept you tighter that time.

Another fail in the bucket list,
but how am I supposed to learn if I don't fail?
Some believe it's too cliché to live this way,
but who can speak for me if I can't do it?

I had to stop and think over the things we did.
I don't seem to understand where we missed it.
They say life gets in the way for things we don't lust a lot.
I couldn't save time 'cause I was tying to save you, save you from what I caused.

Forced to stand on my own two fee…