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the sinners are falling like stars while
the universe is so empty and hollow.
new beginnings and new endings on the edge of all
still i am wasting my time with uncontent people

as the paradigm of sun ashines in the lights and
like a bird in the sky flies and changes alight.

forming the repressed emotions into marionettes
dancing with them on the right and on the left
i am leaving everything behind as i dive into an abyss.

as the content of universe is hiding in the dark
like a shadows hits the ground and crumbles in the setting's angle.

i have been bound to love and i have been unbounded from you
it seems so easy to break the chains and fly but
i am leaving everyone to take a piece of me
form it, bend it, change it, drain it and shape it,
turn me from the one that i am to the one they want
from red to blue and from blue to black
to have all kinds of patterns to use
cause i have been unbound from all of you
and you will need to cover up and use.

as the paradigm is in the universe in the midlight

๐ŸŒŠ Salty and Sweet ๐ŸŒŠ

A screen delighted the film inside, it was dark,it was blue and I was too.
Barefoot, I saw you, running towards the dawn. A mesmerizing feeling of plain pain
passed me through.
I felt the earth collapsing and I was falling
like Alice in the hole. Magical birds and cages too.  I wondered how it will be to swim,
the oceans and the tears are
falling from your eyes and landing on my face. I wore you and I can't stop, shadows life. In the light I kept running, my heart beat so intensivly
while I touched the ground.
Keep up, fall down, the starts are glowing in the dark. A galaxy in your heart and I am a shadow that dangles in the light.
It took me from the sky, it dehydrated me,
I came undone,
the water around me
started drowning me,
and I've tried to talk,
and I've tried to talk,
and I've tried to talk
but my mouth got full of water
and I dissolved in the lights of your love.
The dark, the light, the truth, the lies,
but I got lost in the midlight
in the sound of your love.