the sinners are falling like stars while
the universe is so empty and hollow.
new beginnings and new endings on the edge of all
still i am wasting my time with content people

as the paradigm of sun shines in the lights and
like a bird in the sky flies and changes alight.

forming the repressed emotions into marionettes
dancing with them on the right and on the left
i am leaving everything behind as i dive into an abyss.

as the content of universe is hiding in the dark
like a shadows hits the ground and crumbles in the setting's angle.

i have been bound to love and i have been unbounded from you
it seems so easy to break the chains and fly but
i am leaving everyone to take a piece of me

form it, bend it, change it, drain it and shape it,
turn me from the one that i am to the one they want
from red to blue and from blue to black
to have all kinds of patterns to use

cause i have been unbound from all of you
and you will need to cover up and use.

as the paradigm is in the universe in the mid-light
like me while i am playing in the school
she wears all those glittering stars and embraces the sins.

i am drowning in a sea while everyone breathes

it fills my lungs and my heart cant beat
plus the psychics inside me turn to blues
i am burning down the flesh and the rain
i get away from all you, all of you.

couldn't breathe underwater
though the air was there
between our bodies
swimming around us
i stood up and took a breathe
while i left all of you
i am not bound to all of you,
i am not bound,  i am not bound,
the chains have been broken,
i am not in a city full of sick ghouls
this was hell and i no longer belong to all of you.


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