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sunday showers

- i heard you talking in your sleep
- what? i mean, what i was talking about?
- i couldnt understand, it was more about you and the way you struggle with the things
- why you didnt wake me  up?
- i, i
- you let me suffer? you wanted to see if i will say something bad? something bad 'bout you?
- no, i just, i didnt know what to do, it was like a battle between yourselve and your own demons
- it was actually.
- what do you mean?
- i dreamt of
- what? would you tell me?
- i dreamt of me, in the eye of a huriccance, naked, all alone, the drops of the rain were touching my body and were travelling from my neck to my back and to my feet, through my eyes, my chest. I was alone, in despair, i was trying to move but i couldnt, then i was feeling all the electrified atmosphere and then i couldnt feel a thing. it was a turn on/off relationship between me and the nature, like the demons wanted to take over me but i didnt want to let them make me suffer again, i was trying hard but then the showers were …