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All my life I've spend the hours,
I've spend the days to make you whole.
I listened and condemned,
but I am tired by all the noise you create.
Who said I can't escape your voices in my head?

I don't have the time
to save another life.
I need to make up mine,
so farewell to your lies.

That's not the right place.
That's not the right time.
That's not the right person
to ask for one more chance.

I don't have any willingness to fight
to save your life
I don't want to make up time just
to hear how you could have made it right.

Wish I could fix you.
But I can't.
Like tides we come and go.
But I hated and I loved.
Wish I could take you higher.
But I can't get you off the ground.
Like tides we exist and disappear.
Awakening from this dream I dream.

I don't have the right time
- and -
I don't want to make it up.
Cause I need to fix my life,
before I fix yours -
give me time to carry on.

Give it All, Take it All Back.

When we were in love you didn't ask for much,
pleasing was coming so easily when you asked.
I think you are hurting.
Oh, I am sure you are hurting baby.
I can see your halo fading, but, why?
What happened baby?

It was life, wasn't it?
It was too much to handle.
Stop crying.

Walking in threads never scared you, but
things have changed and I see you hiding.
Avoiding to walk in empty roads, oh fuck.
Oh baby,
I can feel your pain in my skin,
it's haunting me.

It was the Devil, wasn't it?
Don't let him catch you,
you are not that stable.

Does it have to do with the changing facts?
Does it have to do with the immune lies?
Does it have to do with the growing part?
Does it have to do with the dissatisfaction of life?

I sense everything and I sense nothing.
So give me all you can give,
take back all that you gave.
Don't bother to ask, I'm so used to that feeling.

Words were never enough, so please
hit me as much as you can.
Touches were never enough, so please

Why to care about the beginning when we try to escape the end?

It took God seven days to create Earth, but
it took you a moment to make me fall.
It was so hot and soft, so blue and beautiful,
it had a taste from both the Hell and Heaven.

And then the oceans shrouded in darkness.
And I got caught in your eyes
like a fly gets trapped in a spider's web.

What if God spent seven days to create Earth,
it only took us a moment to create Hell.
And we danced on the edge of the world.
And we played our favorite songs while silent on the road.
And we drove to the city's suburbs watching our lives taking a turn.
Why to care about the beginning
when we try to escape the end?

And then there was dark instead of light.
And you got hypnotized by my lips like a flower fools a butterfly's attention.

There's something in the atmosphere, electrical feelings.
And a summer might not bring the birds back, but
a winter might bring the old flame back.
Praying to find the power within cause without you I am half.

Inside Me (Unimaginative)

I had to stop and take a breath,
I had to comprehend that's it's not about me.
They say there's always a light at the very end of the tunnel.
I couldn't reach mine 'cause I was hurting, hurting too much to try.

A roll of the dice changed how we feel,
who would have thought that a life of love
will be shallowed by all these hoaxes.

Had to realize the hard way that life ain't fair,
I am not that wise to know all the answers to the whys
but all I know is that I should have kept you tighter that time.

Another fail in the bucket list,
but how am I supposed to learn if I don't fail?
Some believe it's too cliché to live this way,
but who can speak for me if I can't do it?

I had to stop and think over the things we did.
I don't seem to understand where we missed it.
They say life gets in the way for things we don't lust a lot.
I couldn't save time 'cause I was tying to save you, save you from what I caused.

Forced to stand on my own two fee…

I Can't Understand (the Oceans)

I woke up with the blues on the last Sunday of May.
I drunk some instant coffee.
I felt like the sun never rose and then I felt the cold wind
coming through me like your ghost when I sleep.

I lay on my bed again,
under the covers I get.
I try to undercover all the wounds
I have gotten from this love,
but I miss you much and I can't find the right words to say.

I can't find a way for us
to work nicely
when we are apart
it hurts so much
to be apart
the distance sucks
the clocks go back
I need you so much.
I love you so much.
I will wait for you.

There is something about me and you baby.
Aren't we supposed to be here together after three years of breaking hearts on the floor?
We tried to work out everything perfectly,
but fortune does not allow us to make plans.
Every time we say we are going to make it, something new comes up
and we crawl back to where we were and where we begun.
Disappointed but not surprised.
Oh God, why? I don't understand why things don't stay s…

Pretty Tears

All the boys are singing the same old song to you;
but you don't seem to hear a thing.
All the girls are singing the same melody to you;
but you don't seem to care at all.

The stubbornness you own is stronger than our love.
Why can't we break the circle?
Gold lemonade and Bronze cherries.
A memory that brings emotions back.

Your tears are falling from your eyes and they are...
They are pretty tears,
they are pretty tears.
You put them into small jars,
your pretty tears.
Your tears that are falling from your eyes
they come to be dry
by the time they hit your cheeks darling.

Gold lemonade we drink before we sleep,
but we don't dream.
Could Pink champaign help us exist?
We are still dry by the squeezing toxics in the atmosphere.

And all the boys are singing the same old melody to you;
but you don't seem to care at all.
And all the girls are singing the same old song to you;
but you don't seem to hear a thing.

Pretty tears in your eyes and I taste the sadness.

Telephone Wires

Sitting up all night,
scrolling through phone.
Waiting for a text or a call,
where are they when you need them?

Switching off all day,
tossing and turning all night long in the bed.
Waiting for the alarm to go off,
where am I?

I am lost.
Feeling anxious again.
I am lost.
Feeling depressed again.

Phoning all the people, just to talk nonsense.
Phoning all the people, just to cover the empty space.
What have we become?

Phoning all the people, just to pretend I'm fine.
Phoning all the people, just to stay connected.
What am I?

I am empty.
Feeling motionless again.
I am empty.
Feeling angry again.

And I can't sleep.
So, I am calling you, but you hung up.
All the thoughts are blowing up in the dark,
filling up the room with all these nasty sounds.

And I can't breathe anymore.
So, you are calling me, but I am making no sound.
All your words are blowing up in the dark,
filling up the room with unachievable ambitions.

I am feeling tired again and I don't know where I am going …

What if, if I lost myself?

Never though I will reach that low;
I am in the lowest of the low.
You're expecting me to let go the pain.
But, I can't forget the situations.

I am having one more drink to forget, but I can't.
People seem to always remember how you behaved to them,
but they avoid to think how bad they were to you.

Never thought I would be that lost;
I am lost in the chaos expecting the message to go out.
I'm pretending everything's fine.
But, you are hurting.

And I have taken more than I can bare, but I can't change it.
I lost the direction
somewhere between the situations and the narration.
I am still waiting a divine sign, I don't want to be alone.
But, I am pushing everyone against the wall.
I am suffocating from all the people around me.

What if, if I lost connections?
Can't hold anymore.
What if, if I lost myself?
I am so tired to seek out for my parts.


Open up, be at the top of your lungs. Inhale the toxic atmosphere. Exhale the hate you kept inside. Happily aggressive 'cause you didn't let me go on as I am, but you tried to save me at last.
Can't break the circle I am in. I tried a hundred times,  but I could not break free.
Why am I still surprised?  I should have learned life ain't always fine.
Can't break the circle I am in. I built a wall around me,  now I cannot even breathe.
Why am I still standing in awe? I should have learned life ain't a game I own.
I tried to speak up, but you turned the volume down. I tried to speak up, but you said I act immaturely lately.   A convenient person in the crowd, looking for an escape in the state of mind.

Places (Where We Make Mistakes)

I am in crowded places looking for you to open my eyes. I am in crowded places looking for you to take me away. There are so many eyes staring at us,  telling us how we should work it out. But we don't dare to talk about the future we planned; so fatalistic to become something we always said we're not.
Behind the white curtains I hide. I dare you to catch me - touch me. You can't find me cause I fade like a ghost, mainly when you turn to the empty side of your bed. Like memory I discolor in the pallet of your sheets.
I am in empty places looking for something to hold on. I need a hand to hold. I am in empty places looking for something to make me feel. I need your love. But we don't meet anymore as much as we did before; so I am frantic. 
In the woods you hide.  You dare me to find you. I want to hold you,  but you don't allow me to cross the lines you set - so romantic and scared. Like a baby that cries and laughs I anticipate for you to come to me.
I am in old p…


Another day to go by in silence, like the conversations we never had;
like the words we never said 'cause I had enough pain to hold.
But, what's the point of fighting? We all lost a part in this war.
I am grieving before the loss because I am trying to learn what I don't want.
I am crying before the toast, but what's the point of it all?

The laughs still echoing in the mind,
paying tribute to the cries of the heart.
I can't carry you, your soul's like a metallic stone.

I've tried to get your attention, but you couldn't see the red flags.
So, I got lost in the place where I can always find myself  - in chaos.
And I am grieving before the loss 'cause I am trying to understand the meaning of it all.
And I don't have any tears to shed, I have became unheard in the aftermath of loss.

Somehow through the time we got lost in the meaning of my pain;
we couldn't work out what's the reason we got each other's attention.
We prayed to the Saint…

Touch Me (But I Don't Feel Alright)

Lines intertwining to our bodies like telephone-wires we are electrified. All I want to do is lean on you and disappear to the night, we feel the change. Can't help the lasting desire for you tonight.
I want to call you  but hanging-up is the new 'goodbye'. Only if we could change history. But words can't change our hearts; we can't tolerate each other for one more night.
The windows to our past are echoic, we've been crawling back to revive our sympathetic times. Living in the future won't bring us to life.
I want to touch you but repeating history ain't bittersweet. Only if we could re-write our antiquity. Feelings can change but we don't know why; are we out of mind?
The windows to our future are silent, we shut the blinders and we already begun anew. Living in the past won't benefit our lives.
But something changed when you stopped touching me. I want to touch you I want to call you but something changed my mind. I want to love you but we can c…


The way you make me feel is sexy, you cause me pain but,
we are evil.
We don't feel it, we don't need it - to say we are in love.
We only dance the steps that lead us to wicked places.

I want to lean on your shoulder but I don't want to take your freedom away.
I don't want to fall in love but to dance naked with your lust.
I want to lean on your shoulder but I don't want  to steal your happiness away.

Baby, there's nothing we could make.
Baby, there's nothing between us.
Baby, there's noting we could have done.
Baby, there's nothing within us.

What if I was driving away from you just because you waved the white flags to my game?
What if I was getting away from you just because you wanted to stay alone in the game?

Baby, don't tell me to listen to your song.
Baby, don't make me feel unloved.
Baby, don't tell me to listen to you lying.
Baby, don't make me feel the pain.

The way you move around me is euphorically evil,
but we got nothi…