Another day to go by in silence, like the conversations we never had;
like the words we never said 'cause I had enough pain to hold.
But, what's the point of fighting? We all lost a part in this war.
I am grieving before the loss because I am trying to learn what I don't want.
I am crying before the toast, but what's the point of it all?

The laughs still echoing in the mind,
paying tribute to the cries of the heart.
I can't carry you, your soul's like a metallic stone.

I've tried to get your attention, but you couldn't see the red flags.
So, I got lost in the place where I can always find myself  - in chaos.
And I am grieving before the loss 'cause I am trying to understand the meaning of it all.
And I don't have any tears to shed, I have became unheard in the aftermath of loss.

Somehow through the time we got lost in the meaning of my pain;
we couldn't work out what's the reason we got each other's attention.
We prayed to the Saints to give us strength.
Somehow through the space we suffocated by each other's presence;
I couldn't breathe with your hands around my neck.
We all lost a part in this war.
Somehow through the noise I kept my mouth shut, didn't mention the words.
I try to find the meaning of it all - still in chaos.


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