Touch Me (But I Don't Feel Alright)

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Lines intertwining to our bodies like telephone-wires
we are electrified.
All I want to do is lean on you and disappear to the night,
we feel the change.
Can't help the lasting desire for you tonight.

I want to call you 
but hanging-up is the new 'goodbye'.
Only if we could change history.
But words can't change our hearts;
we can't tolerate each other for one more night.

The windows to our past are echoic,
we've been crawling back to revive our sympathetic times.
Living in the future won't bring us to life.

I want to touch you
but repeating history ain't bittersweet.
Only if we could re-write our antiquity.
Feelings can change but we don't know why;
are we out of mind?

The windows to our future are silent,
we shut the blinders and we already begun anew.
Living in the past won't benefit our lives.

But something changed when you stopped touching me.
I want to touch you
I want to call you but something changed my mind.
I want to love you
but we can change in the blink of the time.

Touch me but I don't feel alright.


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