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Monday to Friday

Living life on repeat is what i lately feel, from Monday to Sunday the same old feelings. A new week but i'm still blue;  won't change till you're free. A new month but i'm still blue; keeping it all in won't make it better.
Making the bed from scratch won't solve the problem cause it's not the sheets or wooden boards. Thinking about thinking all the philosophic worries, it annoys me i never spoke about me.
Morning time, facing a plastic smile on the mirror. Washing face and teeth with expensive products i bought. All the inside cry though can't be hidden anymore, black circles and tiredness is noticed.
Changing the sleep-clothes won't make it more comfortable cause it's not the silk or fury fabric the problem here. Nor the non branded stuff or the luxury ones will make you feel better, anyway.
Night time, crawling back painfully to the mattress. No rest for the weary life. All the worries take life and flesh at night. Feel every inch of my bod…