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🌊 Death 🌊

Lonely but one and only;
may I don't want to leave this earth as
I feel young inside.
A reckless heart beats intensively all the time.
But, history taught us that we expire somehow.
Nobody lives forever;
forever does not exist,
it can't be found in this human race, only in acts survive.

Don't want to die as nobody,
there is a history we need to write.
I want to be a part
belong to somebody;
feel love.

I won't stand to die alone,
I ain't live a life, can't choose it all.
There is no trust only thrust in our minds;
a sea full of mice scratching the wounds we got from
the broken promises and lies that flow in our human race.

It's difficult to have it all.
Lonely heart but crowded body;
one to own and one to provide.
You might own both but I will risk it if I had to die in your embrace;
we might not be remembered but for us
history will choose a different path.

I may wanna die but I don't want to be nobody;
I want to belong to you, you.
Forever us, …

🌊 Chrysanthemum 🌊

"I want to grow up" I wished when I was a kid, but now I feel stupid that I wanted to be a real thing. I wished "I want to be an adult and have it all" but I couldn't see how hard it is to blossom a tree.
Waking up on a Monday morning but I cant stop dreaming cherries;
they are so sweet and sour like life which is suicidal and lovely at the same time.
You don't wanna taste the ugly truth but it comes with the beautiful lies.

I've seen the world with different eyes, couldn't see the death in it.
Immortal wanted to be but time feels empty now and I can't say the same.
Wish I could skip that part and see how a Chrysanthemum comes to life.

I wish I was as clean as a Chrysanthemum
its petals are so light and white, they can't hide a lie.
So virgin and pure that you can feel their infinity love -
they don't drink much cause they will be dead before their youth.

"I grew up" I said to myself when I became 20 but I couldn't see wha…

🌊 SILK 🌊

I want to know who I am, looking to the mirror wondering who I really see. Is it something? Is it someone? or a figure staring back? It's me, or is it me? A reflection of my perception tricking me, I am like a creep staring to a piece of glass
but some don't know it's trillion of atoms who make us, and me.
We gotta learn a lot before we move one. We are uneducated and we don't know how to behave. We gotta learn about love before we talk We are uneducated and we don't know how to show love. There is not love about ourselves; and we trying to learn from all the magazines  but I can't fit cause it's me.
Perhaps because I am weak after the year of 2015 it's been depressing and suffering. I can't fight away, I can't sleep, I can't think, so, I will drink and get numb to my bed while I laugh cause I am unloved.
I feel like I can't time any more; but truth is that I can't put everything to the right place,
it annoys me;
Then I think how we…