"I want to grow up" I wished when I was a kid, but now I feel stupid that
I wanted to be a real thing.
I wished "I want to be an adult and have it all" but I couldn't see how hard it is to blossom a tree.

Waking up on a Monday morning but I cant stop dreaming cherries;
they are so sweet and sour like life which is suicidal and lovely at the same time.
You don't wanna taste the ugly truth but it comes with the beautiful lies.

I've seen the world with different eyes, couldn't see the death in it.
Immortal wanted to be but time feels empty now and I can't say the same.
Wish I could skip that part and see how a Chrysanthemum comes to life.

I wish I was as clean as a Chrysanthemum
its petals are so light and white, they can't hide a lie.
So virgin and pure that you can feel their infinity love -
they don't drink much cause they will be dead before their youth.

"I grew up" I said to myself when I became 20 but I couldn't see what the future holds for me;
the cherry on top they asked but I haven't blossom yet,
the cherry on top they craved but I couldn't provide it;
the sun hasn't touched my soul to make it real.

I wish I was a Chrysanthemum strong and pure, they hide the ugly truth.
Only for a night.
A symbol of death and life, I see the lies.

Life in a dead-end; a wall of bricks, a shelter of sea
but if you see again you'll see the rocks emerging like knifes.
Like a Chrysanthemum;
it keeps the ugly truth from your eyes,
it keeps you alive - it keeps you alight.

Cherry blossom is near; I feel the pain ceasing within
A day, a night, a summer, a winter, a black and a white life;
cherries blossom now.


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