The Bluest Thing On Earth Is Me

Part I
A symphony echoes in me.
An orchestra in the ballroom violently plays,
and the violins are screaming
and the trumpets can be heard around the world.

Part II
How could you let us all?
How could you let me go?
Where was the 'I will never let go'?
You let me go, down.

Part III
Deep in my heart, there's no rightful place anymore.
It became another cave full of crystallites.
My spirit is yet to be found there.
I hate everyone and I love only you.

Part IV
Time forms another hour for me.
Even the nature wants me to feel every bit of sorrow.
How could I undo what came undone?
The skin can't stand the change in your eyes.

Part V
Illusions are being kept at the end of the rope.
I hold you all in my palms, but
you want me to drop all the love I seamed on the threads.

Part VI
I could never imagine such pain.
No lakes can fit the water that drowns me.
No oceans can take away the ship you wrecked.

Part VII
Although I feel like tomorrow will never come,
I see the sun rising behind the mountains that
look like your back.

Can't handle the shimmering light.
I am as blue as the waters of Lefkas.
But, I am shallow and empty.

Part IX
I won't be compared to the blackest birds.
They can still  fly away, but I am rooted to earth
without a soul - without you.

Part X
I am ashamed for what I feel.
Who am I to experience such an unprecedented pain?
The mind can't mind the body.
The heart can't heart the life.
My sorrow like an omniscient for our love that you took back.


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