Ashes to Bricks

Unconscious space and hollow time;
all i feel is wrong and locked.
Inside a pool of lies i swim and i try.

I try to blame you, I try to blame her
but this is not a way to get through.
I thought I would be better than that
but the words left me scars and memories that burn at night.

It's just the way i felt when i tried to escape,
but there's no escape from life.

Yeah, i see it all.
I see it all now.
You can't make it through
but life ain't fair, it's just not fair
no matter if you think about it twice.

Embrace the pain, the madness and the chaos
if you want to find peace in your mind.
There's no way to cure it once it starts
it will devour you all, from head to toe
if you try to build a wall and put another brick, it'll end you in seconds.

Upside down and you are on the ceiling;
you cry while you sewing the threads of time
you cry while you prepare the weapons for your final fight.
Taking down every-wall that's been built up to protect you.

Think twice before you speak your mind.
Think twice before you start wrecking it all,
It might leave you cold and dead in the ground
or warm and burned on the floor,
either way you will learn what you were trying not to.


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