Devoured by the spirits of hell
Devoured by the mania of play
A euphoric pain but expensive
A delusional life full of flowers
They surround me with their thorns
A syncopated sound
A synchronised voice - belting off.

Silence embraces the body
We are all animals learning
Echoic sound plays plainly
Stuck into a plate
Ready to be eaten like a fish
Ethereal timing to be killed.

Don't want to know whether to fall or walk
Don't want to know whether to let go or not
Lights shine bright
Lights dry me high - ah
Just wanted to be seen
Just wanted to be shaken
Only when we were drinking you saw my smile
Only when we were fucking you saw my inner light

Liquor and pink dreams
Bloody pins
All my dreams are lost in the dreamland of lust
A soul without home
A home without land
Nowhere to rest my weary soul
Killed by the red lights of love
Tattooed by the scars of life
I want back my youth and virginity
Selcouth roots.

Compulsive repetition of an act
Compulsive repetition of compulsiveness
Not afraid
Not scared
Not betrayed
Not myself
Numbness all the way.

Acting on a stage full of mannequins
Acting on a stage full of nothingness
Pure happiness when you hold my hand
Perfectly made for me, fits and fills the gaps of my palms.
Singing out loud about the lies I've been told
Singing out loud about the blames I've been taken
I can't believe how much I've been played by you
A devil in disguise
A devil who's so kind
A devil with a smooth touch
A devil with so much artistry in his hands.

But I let go when you shot
A feather fell slowly to the ground but
Like a bullet from your gun
Like a bullet from his gun
Like a bullet from her gun
I ended up being laid on the floor - a dirty used sou'

I just wanted to be perfect
I just wanted to make it  better
I just wanted to be the one who fixes you
I just wanted to swipe away all the sadness and all the darkness but I can't make you forgo. ---
Lies, lies, lies all I heard from your mouth but I can't blame you 'cause I was the fool who gave in.
Didn't have a forged personality to make it all go
Couldn't be recognised in a crowd.
Cold and loud.

Lost I was, I admit, I couldn't see,
Lost I was
Between beds
Between threads
Between lies
Between a life
Between wrong and right
Between hearts and lungs
Between wires and lamps
Between black and white
Between myself and yours.
I am not anymore.


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