Pure Heroin

Pure heroin.
undress them in the dark,
touch them and make them cry.

Pure heroin,
feel their heartbeat while
you’re kissing them in the moonlight.

Pure heroin,
no smiles,
go into the thing.

Only sex is what Heroin wants.
Only sex like animals.

Wicked by the games my mind plays.

Two persons in one like twisting lives.

Pure heroin,
then kill them
while you’re reaching the heavens in the bed.

Drown them with your hands,
they already have sins and blood from the guns of love.

Pure heroin,
let’s talk now
let's disovle in pure heroin.

like it was a yeah.
Like it was a dream to reality.
Pure heroin makes us feel.

You don’t need to look in the mirror for another view,
just be in the million, billion, trillion zone of love.

Love is like a pure heroin,
like a gun full of bullets
shooting people in your way.

Pure heroin sends me to the space,
meeting new and foreigners.
But, I am pure heroin.
I'm heroin of myself,
a killer in disguise.


  1. love it, depressing, sexual and metaphorical.


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