Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds,
hospital beds full of sorrow and pain.
Hospital beds,
hospital beds full of madness and hate.

Lay me on the side where i can see outside,
inside those walls, my mind is trapped, between those lies.
My hospital beds are changing from time to time,
they get softer or harder,
brighter or darker,
but they still got that smell of hospital beds.

And if my feet don't touch the floor
i will try to close the door.
Perhaps, i know, i won't as those hospital beds,
like prison, they lock me and hold me.

Hospital Beds,
hospital beds full of sadness and cries.
Hospital beds,
hospital beds full of elders and toddlers.

And if i am against the wall by those pills,
i will try to look pretty.
Maybe, i know, i won't last till the last one,
maybe, i know, it went too far with changing hospital beds.

Hospital beds,
hospital beds so empty and loveless.
Hospital beds,
hospital beds full of nothingness at all.

And i remember when i first came here,
the skin was light and pretty,
as for now,
the skin is pale and thin.
Hospital beds are changing you.

They made the heart so hard ,
they taught me how to walk with a broken limp,
they taught me to talk with a shattered mind
and love with an empty heart.

Almighty howls, in those beds.
I was looking for the answers
but i couldn't find a way out.

Till i understood the meaning of it all and
found the words i was looking for.
So, i set, all those hospital beds, on fire
as i wanted it to leave everything behind,
all this and the hell too.

I dressed myself with the ocean's colors.
From blue to green, from green to haze.
I put silver in my hands and raised them in the sky.
I prayed for no more in those hospital beds.
My hands were shinning, like they were the sun.

Hospital beds,
hospital beds full of chains.

I screamed my name,
I screamed her name,
I screamed his name,
my lungs were full of metal.

i knew i will be back but i won't be scared
i won't be scared cause
i'll be back to drag those bodies out, out, out, out
from those hospital beds and make my bed to sleep aloud.


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