Insane People


They want more than the usual people,
they get angry at little things,
they cry in the middle of the night,
they laugh when they can't find a way out,
they sing songs about death and love,
they write poems at 3 am,
they have only nightmares,
they are misunderstood,
they are heartbreakers,
they read books to have feellings,
they think they live in a movie,
they are broken
they love you in a different way,
they have a hard soul to understand,
they walk in a different way,
they drink all day,

they believe in the fairytale feeling,
they are locked in their house,
they have everything they want,
they crave you,

they are prisoners of themselves,
they dance in the rain,
they enjoy every minute of their insanity,
they dress up in black.

When you meet one of them,

you'll understand their perspective,
but still, for the world they will be insane.
For me, there's a line of sanity and insanity,
walking between this line is the state of emergency.

they can't satisfy themselves,

they don't want to live alone,
they don't like it when it gets hard,
they don't know how to control their feelings,
they don't care if they're hurting themselves,
they don't really trust someone,
they don't know the right words to say,
they don't know what it means to be happy,

they don't know themselves,
they don't know how to be cool and good,
they don't find a reason to be nice to sane people,
they don't live in the past or in the present,
they don't want to sleep in the night,
they don't want to walk around places for no reason,
they don't spend a lot of time with others,

they don't eat a lot,
 they don't fear,
they can't be loved,
they don't care about sane people,
 they don't take care of their mind,
 they are not afraid of the truth or lies, 
they don't want to be saved,
they don't find a reason to find a way out of it.

The insane people are different.
Different from you.


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