Gods I

You have the gun and the bullet proofs
but for how long do you think they will work for you?
A hypnosis of your own mind by your pit of lies,
don't need to hide it from me cause you can't hide it from you.

And if it's devastating why are you pretending?
Why are you pretending that you're overarmed
and you have Atlas' hands?
Is there any use?
Cause if it's devastating why are you pretending?

It's a battle on your own
you will be the winner or the loser
if you just waste this.
It's either this or the other way
you have to choose wisely so it won't fall on you
causing more pain.

Nor the kings or the queens will change this,
nor the Persephone or Hades will be here
to drive you to a different pace of peace.
Peace of mind you need.

And if I'm afraid of losing everything why am I still here?
Why am I still here in fear of breathing underwater
and be like this?
Why am I still here?

So much power in such shaky hands,
how do you trust all that you've got in those arms?
The blade is in your neck but you look down
and pretend, pretend that it's not there and you keep trying to breathe while you can't.

And if the battle is yours, remember you have the guns and the bullet proofs
but how long do you think they will work for you?
It's not that you have been washed by Gods' sageness at all.
Be careful cause the eyes are betraying all the big lies when
you're all alone wishing to have some more to cover all that you've done
without wanting to do most of them.


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