Fear not the darkness but the ones with the blinded soul,
fear not the light hearted but the ones with no willing to accept the unknown.
No other place can accept a lost soul apart from a body;
a body which is not strong.

Thee may not exist in the sky but exist in the eyes of a heretic mind,
subconscious freedom which is built for survival, like solipsist in their own mind.
Since the moon was never that close, to shine above the memorial oceans.

It's not to be preferred to suffer when you go but to hold it inside,
a prison of mind and it can't escape, a heretic child with no fate.
Life is not be thought, cause darkness will outgrow - just let it flow.

Fear not the human but the heart that is growing apart from love,
fear not the lust which a body may sick but don't forget the way it takes it.
Dark photographs had snapped the terror of them, with scratches from hate
which are presented.

Day may be short during the Winter but this is where all are tested for it,
the IT may exist but may not, it's up to you if you want to keep it.
Phenomena unfold their spirits among us, it's up to you if you want to notice.

I may believe that the sky is dark but I can't cease my overwhelming mind,
conscious thoughts do not know their state but still show to me the road to take.
Universe lasted all those years, it's impossible no life to never appeared.

Fear not the darkness or the madness, but those who laugh and then disappear,
don't ever forget to keep it mind;
fear is not feeling but a state of mind, do not template to it and disappear,
fear not the unknown but the present you know because the will is in your hands to control.


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