Cruelty at 21:44/ 20*0915-

it' so crazy- i can't face it- it's unbelievable what i feel
i feel free when i see no one in the streets
i feel wild when i swim by myself in the night
i feel so content when i sleep by your side
i feel so tired, god knows i tried to take it back together.

sometimes i wake up- during the night- looking around to see
-to see if you are here- if i am still in California-
but, i got nothing and i am still in my empty place-

lies and lies all around me/ no full faces
i tried and i know i failed for one more time
but i've learnt- i've learnt after i burnt;

we are two sided mirrors, we show one side of ourselves
to the world and we show the other one to ourselves in the dark
when we are alone- so i prefer to be in places since i don't-
i don't have to see my catastrophic and intensive faces.

don't let them tell you words- light them up-
don't let them play you Mozart in the night.
it makes your heart vulnerable and they kill for something vulnerable
my heart is the weakest thing on me/ freak for this time we live

flames are burning in the hills and it reflecting in your eyes
that's the way i like it- that's the way i roll into the present
i wanna make it last forever even though it's so crazy

-i can't face it- it's indescribable what i see
i see fire when i touch you
i see sadness when you leave me swim into the cool shades of blue
i see no dreams, god knows i tried to take it back together

so straighten emotions- all my heart is unfolded by the ocean
my heart is the weakest thing on me and i don't see- i don't see
it can be broken - torn and exploit since we all know we are freaks, don't you?
haven't you heard?

we are cruel beings looking to be loved-
looking for someone to leave everything back
just to make us happier- make us feel more vulnerable
because this is what we want-
there's not the american dream now-
it's ride and die for me not for us-
that's why i feel so emotional- i've been torn/ i don't wanna dance by the ocean
all this makes me sick-
my heart is the weakest thing on me and i protect it like a diamond

all my sadness stored in this Hawaiian summer that passed by-
at least i broke those mirrors and the cruelty i used to ignore
i had one more shot and one more till i melted the irons-
i feel so in love being in heaven when i touched hell's floor
black- white- orange/
no loud loves only quiet souls touching your-
keep it real- undercover/
it's too late now to dream
i got the sadness of the mirrors cause i was keeping it all
inside/ so warm your deadly touch so come to me if you wanna live again
take the black mix it with blue and start doing it all like a majesty for you.


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