// in the end, will you sink or will you float? //

where have you been when i needed you?
where have you been wasting your time all this time?
was it between nightmares or sweet chilly dreams?

i gave it all and i got nothing in return 
and i see the end, but what happens? 
will you sink or
will you float?
i am afraid of the red lights
i am on my knees dreaming and every breath it's like a sin
i needed you the most but you turned away

where is everyone that was there for you?
where are those people who picked you up when you were at your worst?
are they between your reality and your sweet lies?

even if i didn't go too far, i have gone far enough
to look back and see no one behind,
just an empty road with no people and
i am turning inside out, all the time,
i am inside out

when you were blind i paved the paths for you
i gave you attention and everything you asked for-
while i was around people but i was empty like now

where are they when you need them?
i see signs all over the place 
i see signs all over the sky
i see signs all over the sea
where are you?

i gave you my mind and my heart
and i welcomed you to my own universe
even when i was locked out from it 
cause i couldn't find the key
but i didn't knew it was you

couldn't find you anywhere
i was diving in, hard, into the deep blue
in the end, will you sink or will you float?


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