summer love/ i am yours and it feels so good

tip toeing on the floor to not make a sound
you sleep and it looks so perfect to destroy
such a beautiful thing

there are no words to say to you
just a look in the eyes and i understand-
you understand what it takes to come to you

backwards we go in our dreams but we rewind
in the morning breeze when we see the cloudy sky-
you have my back and i have yours

there are no feelings to show to you
just a touch on my skin and you take the keys-
you have the keys to my universe

rewinding and rewinding the present
in the night when we sleep we see the dark sky-
you have the keys and i have yours within me

my heart is the only thing that's keeping me back
my heart is the only thing that's valuable-vulnerable
i am afraid to talk about it

but by the way
we use to crawl like babies to each other
even though we make circles we don't care

we have something more right now
we don't understand what it's coming next
but you don't care and neither do I
let's see the sunshine and rewind and be again free in the contexts of me and you.


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