Love for another - A letter to a friend

to love another with your body- to feel their hands all over it- to touch their souls and, they, touch yours- to love another with your mind- to feel whole again- like you belong to a home- to be more concerned about them than you- to love another with your whole heart- to fill the spaces between their fingers- to be the one that day dreams in black and white drinking salty water- dehydrating hot heart making it so hard to stay alive drinking salty water- to burn the wounds you have inside dehydrating your body, mind and heart making it so hard to breathe at night when you sleep by yourself to see a cloudy day and smile because you feel more comfortable in chaos than in peace to see a moody town and try stay alive because the ground shakes and the buildings sway if you cry and, so, you see the boats sail to different islands- to another island- faraway from where you are you are left behind those bridges that somehow get burned when you smile and, so, you wave at those that you see- you see the boats carrying young and old people- you see them feeling every minute, second if their lives- the cries you keep on hearing all these cries but you're still left behind waving at them since you can't believe- or you believe- that you are abandoned by the one you gave in once, I told you; to love another with your mind- your whole heart and whole body to break the limits and create a paradise in hell's burning abyss to break down the ghost-towns and create the ones you love diminish all the ghouls and the witches from your house- the cathedral of your inner light- your body and mind to love another who doesn't take out the salty water from your system but- to love another who creates love- love to you- no salty water- no mending to the wounds to love another, my friend, like you do- to love another, and let the others talk- like you do and I will be here- in this town far away sending you letters just to see- how I make it wrong


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